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Day #2

I’m frequently asked “what type of exercise should I do for Parkinson’s “ and my answer is…whatever you do that makes you want to continue! Sounds pretty simple doesn’t it?
The bottom line is that based on your age, previous exercise habits and severity of your Parkinson’s, pick an activity or exercise routine that is something that you want to do!
Working closely with a Physical Therapist is a great way to begin, and many are trained to work specifically with PD…
They can assist in finding the right exercises for your needs.
The place I go to has a wide variety of patients that are in various stages. Some are in wheelchairs and require assistance. There’s others that have very few symptoms and everything in between! The common factor is they are all there, working hard and trying to slow the progression of Parkinson’s through exercise.
The first time I went to a session I was evaluated by a Therapist and given an exam to determine my level of fitness.
Next, they asked me what I felt I needed to improve on the most and before the session was over I had a set of exercises that I could use at home and at future sessions.
I’m still doing my daily walks and now incorporate stretching, meditation and yoga with a sprinkling of Tai Chi for good measure. Find something that works for You and remember:
“A body in motion tends to stays in motion and a body at rest tends to stay at rest “

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