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Day #10

Staying positive…
Staying positive and happy is the best medicine for the brain.
It provides a much needed boost of Serotonin which in turn aids in the production of Dopamine… Some days are easier than others though.
Any chronic illness wears on you at one time or another and Parkinson’s is no exception! There are days when I feel like I can do anything and others that all I want is to barricade myself in my house and not do anything. Here’s a few tips for dealing with the not so good days.
Give yourself a break. It’s all right to not be 100% all the time. Make time for you. Turn off your phone and silence text and email alerts for a while. Sometimes all you need is a little alone time…
Get outside and take a walk! This is a great way to feel better quickly… Try to calm your mind while you are walking and take time to relax and look around at your surroundings as you soak up the sunshine and natural vitamin D, something that most of us with Parkinson’s have a deficiency of.
Find a quiet place and meditate. Just attempt to sit and clear your thoughts for a few moments. You don’t need to get into a trance…just relax. I have a childhood memory of waking to the fields that were once behind my house and climbing up a tree. From my perch, the village below was like a Norman Rockwell painting and if I try I can feel the breeze blowing and the sun on my face.
Don’t fixate on the bad and unpleasant things that you are feeling, and realize that they too will pass.
Acceptance of the moment will lead to better times…

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