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Day #12

Clinical Trials
When first diagnosed I asked about stem cell therapy and was told that it held great potential but was 3-5 years away. That was 12 years ago!
In the ensuing years the number of people diagnosed with PD has risen exponentially. There’s amazing advances being made in countries around the world almost daily, but for the ones who have Parkinson’s it seems like we’re at a standstill.
Recently I spoke with a respected Neuroscientist in South Florida about stem cells and got the same answer…great promise but 3-5 years away.
In the first couple of years after diagnosis I participated in a clinical trial for the DaTscan, which is now being used as a definitive test for diagnosis of PD.
The brave men and women who were the pioneers of Deep Brain Stimulation are responsible for patients such as me to lead an active,almost normal life!
It seems as though every day I read about a new pharmaceutical product being developed but we’re still waiting for a cure…
I urge everyone who is able to participate in a clinical trial. You could be the one who finds a cure.

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