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Day #14

Let it go…
On this morning’s walk the Dave Mason song Let it Go Let it Flow kept playing in my head. As a side note, Dave Mason is in my humble opinion one of the most underrated guitarist out there! His voice and songwriting are second to none…but I digress.
The song is about not letting things get to you and letting life’s issues “Flow like a River” Great advice but not always quite that simple. Chronic illness can wear you down even if you aren’t the one who is experiencing the tangible effects. Family and friends are oftentimes trying to make sense of the way their loved one seems to be morphing into an entirely different person right before their eyes.
For the one who is experiencing the symptoms of Chronic Illness they are trying hard to understand and hang onto the last vestige of who they see themselves as…
One of the main reasons why I continue to write these daily threads is because it provides a measure of release for the pent up emotions that are in my head… I think they may also be of benefit to others who are going through the same issues as yours truly and by sharing with them my thoughts and personal experience with Parkinson’s perhaps they can “Let it Go…Let it Flow”

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