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Day #15

A new day
One of the more challenging aspects of Parkinson’s is you never know what the day will bring. While this is true for all of us on one level or another, Parkinson’s presents it’s own set of rules to how your day will go! Some mornings you get up and feel like you’re invincible, while other times it’s a struggle to get motivated and the simplest things become a monumental effort. Not only is waking up a surprise every day, but things can change in an instant! Various factors come into play such as stress levels, amount of rest, medication absorption…even a change in the weather can produce a physical change in how you feel from minute to minute.
The most effective way I’ve found to lessen the swing between feeling good or not is by establishing a routine. When I get up in the morning I have a very strict routine that I do…every day with no variation. By sticking to my routine I’m able to start the day on a consistent note…
Aside from the physical issues Parkinson’s brings to the table, there’s also psychological and emotional issues that arise in the course of the day that can be difficult to control… (More on that in future posts)
Making plans, either long or short term, is another challenge with Parkinson’s. You may have the best intentions about going out to meet friends or any number of other activities, but at any given moment you can go from feeling great to feeling terrible! It’s truly amazing to me how many ways this disease has to try to dominate and control you and it’s a constant battle to keep it at bay…
The positive side (you knew this was coming!) is that you’re forced to slow down and to appreciate the good times… You focus on feeling better and try to minimize the bad periods. The establishment of a routine involving exercise, not only for the body but also the mind and spirit is essential, and that good habit produces results that work in fighting not just the physical issues we face, but also the emotional and mental challenges of a chronic disease….Enjoy your day…

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