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Day #17

Where did the time go…
My thirty days of posting for Parkinson’s Awareness Month is more than half finished. It seems like I just started!
Time is a very valuable commodity indeed and as Gerry The Cat and I were doing our morning walk it dawned on me just how fast the years can go by.
The home we live in has been ours since 1990. We purchased it for less than many new cars cost today! I left the Upstate New York area in 1982 began an adventure that continues to this day.
During those years I’ve made many friends and lost some… Triumphs and tragedies have come and gone…relationships ended and children and grandchildren were born.
The only thing that is constant in life is change. It’s inevitable…How we deal with it is what makes us or breaks us.
I’ve resolved to keep the negativity and those who wallow in it at a safe distance. Don’t waste your precious time on those who don’t deserve it. There’s plenty of people out there who are good, caring compassionate citizens of the universe and those are the ones that deserve a piece of the most precious commodity we possess…Time!

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