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Day #19


Whenever I meet someone with Parkinson’s it’s amazing to hear the lack of knowledge they possess about the disease that will be with them forever, or until a cure is found.

This morning I was honored to be on a panel consisting of people with PD and care partners hosted by The American

Parkinson’s Disease Association. As I was sitting at the table,surveying those in attendance I could see the hope and fear of the unknown in their faces. I’ve done similar events before but this one was different…

I talked about the importance of exercise and staying social,two topics that I stress when doing these talks but this time I emphasized the importance of doing research on your constant companion. It was as if a light bulb was switched on.

Getting educated about Parkinson’s, or any chronic illness provides you with a valuable tool. The fear of the unknown is certainly a powerful emotion and knowing about what is happening with your body is quite empowering! Remember…Knowledge is Power.


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