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Day #21

Using your gift…

I believe that you’re born with a talent…Some are born with several. Having talent doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re successful. That requires practice and dedication and a willingness to work hard for your goals!
When my musical career began to suffer due to the ravages of Parkinson’s a new talent began to emerge in the form of writing ✍️. I found that the act of writing down my thoughts was a way to keep my brain functioning and not long after the idea of sharing those thoughts became my first Booklet. What your reading now will eventually become Booklet # 3.
Having been on stage in my previous career the natural evolution was to “Take it on the road “ and thus began my speaking career! So far it’s still in its infancy as I’ve given only a dozen or so such talks, but the feeling that I get from standing (sitting) in front of a roomful of strangers and the look on their faces is as rewarding as any concert I’ve ever played!
Yesterday morning I was part of a panel discussion for the APDA and the people in attendance along with the event coordinators were most receptive and gracious to me. For several hours after I was home, I felt fantastic! The feeling was quite similar to what it feels like to be on stage with a great band. On a technical note the release of Dopamine and Serotonin that I felt was tangible…with no side effects!
See you on the Motivational Speaker Circuit 😎🎶

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