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Day #5

Yesterday I touched on the topic of physical balance as it relates to Parkinson’s. Today’s post will be about finding balance in your mind and heart…
It’s been twelve years since my Parkinson’s diagnosis and during that time I’ve experienced pretty much every emotion in the book from complete and utter despair to elation and everything in between! For the most part, my life is filled with positive thoughts and emotions but occasionally the dark side creeps its way in. That’s when finding an emotional, mental and spiritual balance is most important.
Parkinson’s Disease is a progressive illness that has many symptoms that are invisible to the people around you…even those who are closest to you. The same loss of brain function that causes the tremors most associate with Parkinson’s also has an unseen impact on mood. Things that most people take for granted sometimes feel like monumental tasks.
In my own experience I find that some of the activities that I took for granted are ones that I now avoid! As my abilities diminish there’s a sense of sadness, frustration and despair knowing that the very essence of who I am and how I see myself will never be the same as the vibrant guitarist who was ready to take on the world. That’s when the Balance comes into play.
Even though things aren’t the way I envisioned them, I know for sure that the hand life has dealt me is the one that I am destined to play. Because of Parkinson’s, I’ve met and count as friends, some incredible people. Through several of them I am involved with a foundation that helps others…The sense of accomplishment from that endeavor is one of the most rewarding aspects of my life…The volunteer work that my friends and I do playing music for children at the local hospital and young adults is without a doubt the best gig I’ve ever done!
I’ve been fortunate to be able to make a great living doing something most people can only dream about. Playing music in front of thousands of people and having many famous musicians as friends to this day is a gift that I now appreciate more than ever. Parkinson’s attempts to upset my balance but with my family, friends and memories to count on it doesn’t stand a chance…

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