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Day #7

I’m grateful! That may sound a bit strange coming from a man who has a progressive, incurable,degenerative brain disease but I’ll say it again…I’m Grateful!
I’m grateful to have the ability to write these daily posts. I’m grateful for my home.I’m grateful for having a loving Wife and supportive friends. I’m grateful for the people who were the early pioneers of Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery and the skilled Doctors who turned the clock back on my Parkinson’s. I’m grateful for all who have gone before me to advance the science and continue to fight for a cure. I’m grateful for the friends who stepped up and made our foundation a reality. (shameless plug) I’m grateful for the musicians who come out to give of their time and talents to help us raise funds. I’m grateful for the support of the venues that host our events and last but never least I’m grateful for you for taking time to read this…I love you all!!!

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