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Day #8

The people around us…
How do you see yourself in your minds eye? Do you think about how your family and friends are being impacted by Parkinson’s? Do you worry that you will become a burden on those you love? Whether or not you admit it we all have these thoughts from time to time and it can be a very sobering experience to think of someone you love being put in the role of caregiver for you
In my experience there’s been people who have vanished from my life… I understand that it’s a very difficult thing to see someone you know as a vibrant, active person…and now…
Don’t misunderstand me, I’m still active and independent and at 70 years of age am in better shape than some 50 year olds
but I get it.
The point of this diatribe is that you should not judge others by their actions towards you. Some people, for whatever reasons, just can’t accept the reality that we all face the same inevitable outcome.
In the meantime, enjoy those who are your true friends and rejoice in times with family!

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